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When you need a video for your website, advertising or other promotional materials, talk to Media Foundry. Our company creates videos that showcase the personality and professionalism of your business, while adding animation and creativity that will help you stand out from the competition. Upload your logo and images, and we will produce a corporate video to help make your company look great to potential customers and hiring managers.

The team at Media Foundry has spent thousands of hours creating corporate videos for countless businesses. Combining their technical savvy with creative vision, they strategically use video to promote your brand. Every video is unique and tailored to meet the needs of each enterprise. And every step of the way, Media Foundry will work with you to gain exposure within today’s fast-paced world.

Media Foundry’s goal is to create visually stimulating and compelling videos that effectively communicate your company’s mission and vision. Videos can showcase client projects, market research, how-to guides, website product presentations, mock user interfaces, animation sequences, storyboards for major media productions, case studies on new technologies, or whatever else you may need.

Whether you need training videos, entertaining commercials or marketing videos for your website, Media Foundry is the one-stop shop for all your corporate video production needs.

Media Foundry has been making corporate videos for businesses on Staten Island and throughout the USA for over two decades. We offer a cost-effective way of getting your business or company talked about more on the web by posting videos as well as links to them on your website. Videos are an excellent way to showcase yourself, services and employees. For more info on how we can make this happen, call us at (718) 966-5300 or click here to send us a message through our contact form.

Media Foundry produces videos that are used for all sorts of purposes. The video services we provide fall into three main areas: 1) informative videos that demonstrate how to use your product, 2) corporate videos, and 3) marketing/promotional videos. We typically begin a project by discussing your view of the project. We wonder about what you think the objectives of the video should be and what style it should be presented in. We want to make sure we fully understand your needs. Our job is to produce effective communication tools, not just cute little videos that may or may not help our client achieve his or her goals.

Media Foundry is a great place to get your marketing and training videos done. Media Foundry will help your company communicate better and more effectively and tell the story of your service or product, so you can focus on selling it.

Media Foundry designs and produces videos that people care about. Our clients have seen results from our innovative practices. Our passion for beautiful design communicates your message simply and clearly.

At Media Foundry, we’re fascinated with digital media. We’re passionate about creating inspiring motion based experiences which engage your audience in impactful story-telling.

Media Foundry is a small, nimble studio that understands your needs, and we’ve been able to bring the big ideas to successful fruition for over ten years.

We create smart, inspiring, and eye-catching videos that engage your audience and help you tell your story.

If you want a video made, we’ve got you covered. We will help you design a captivating final product that communicates your identity and your story.

Our team of design-savvy video professionals will develop video projects that will engage your potential customers, communicate your company’s message in a clear, concise manner, and highlight your unique selling proposition.



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